One of the biggest challenges facing golfers is how to get more distance on the golf course. As much length as possible does wonders for your score card especially on longer fairways. The good news is that there are simple hacks that make a surprising difference to how far you hit the ball. In this article, we look at five ways you can improve your distance when you’re playing golf on the Costa del Sol.

Optimise your position

Golf is all about posture so tweaking how you stand when you hit a ball can make all the difference. One of the best ways to get more distance on the golf course is to increase the arc of your swing. The longer your arc, the further the ball will travel.

Top tip: work on your turn – twist your shoulders and/or hips that little bit more to gain a longer arc.

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Up your speed

Gaining extra speed is essential for more distance on the golf course. This takes time and practice to achieve, but it is worth the effort because you’ll see the results almost immediately.

Top tip: choose a 7 iron and practise swinging faster than you usually do. Do this in sets of 10, not forgetting to pause for a moment between each swing to check your posture.

Hit centre club

You’ll get the longest distance from your shots if the ball comes off the very centre of the club. Hit it even slightly off centre and your ball will not travel as far.

Top tip: mark your club with spray paint and hit the ball. Then check the mark on the ball to see how far you are from dead centre. To improve your aim, try moving closer or further away from the ball.

Take a look at the ball

As with any sport, part of the secret to improving your game lies in your equipment. And one way to get more distance on the golf course is to take a good look at your golf balls. Technology has improved performance enormously and it’s worth investing in higher-range balls to help you hit further.

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Get fitter

Our final tip for getting more distance when you play golf on the Costa del Sol is to improve your personal fitness levels. A stronger body and firmer posture will do wonders to all aspects of your game including how far you hit the ball.

Top tip: for better posture, try yoga or pilates. For more strength, do weights or work out with bands or TRX.

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