Christmas at Rio Real

The festive season is on the horizon and we’re all busy making lists of what we want. But what if you could go somewhere that ticked everything off on your list? A place where you’ll find all you want and in one place? Welcome to Christmas at Rio Real!


When you arrive at Rio Real Golf & Hotel, one of the first things that strikes you is the immaculate golf course. Manicured greens and fairways line the course from start to finish and these perfect playing conditions are maintained year-round, no matter the weather.

Weekend on the Costa del Sol

If you’re in need of a little warm sunshine in the round-up to Christmas, why not spend a weekend on the Costa del Sol this December? Not only is the weather good, you can enjoy some festive spirit along with world-class culture, start your Christmas shopping and get in a round or two of golf. Read on to discover how to make the very best of a short break next month.

Playing golf in the winter Marbella

In many countries in the northern hemisphere, winter means less golfing time. Rain, fog, frost and even snow can put a stop to play and golf course conditions aren’t as good. But, there’s no reason to stop playing completely – read on to discover some dos and don’ts for playing golf in the winter.

Winter Golf Break Marbella

Think of Marbella and summer automatically springs to mind. But the crown resort on the Costa del Sol has plenty going for it at other times of the year too. While the Northern Europe lies trapped in the winter cold, Marbella basks in warm sunshine. And that’s just one of the reasons why you might like to consider a winter golf break in Marbella.

Golf plan on the Costa del Sol

2017 is coming to an end and keen golfers will be thinking about their next golf holiday. The key to success is to plan ahead. That way you ensure everything is in place for your holiday. Read on to discover how to plan the best golf break on the Costa del Sol.

Rio Real Golf

In the first of our series looking behind the scenes at Rio Real Golf & Hotel, we interview one of the key staff for golf: Ángela Caro. Head of Golf Reservations, Ángela has been at Rio Real for over 15 years and forms an essential part of golf bookings and the organisation of tournaments and events.

facts about Marbella

Marbella is one of the best-known resorts on the Costa del Sol. Its beaches, night clubs and luxury venues are famous the world over. But this popular holiday spot also has some unexpected sides to it. Read on to discover 10 surprising facts about Marbella.

Best golf quotes

Hitting a ball round a course and getting it in 18 holes might sound like a doddle, but in reality golf is a hugely complex game. So challenging that even the greatest players have their moments of doubt, lack of confidence and less than great play. As a result, golf is one of the world’s most frustrating but most inspirational sports and to inspire you, we’ve put together seven of the best golf quotes from seven of the best golfers ever.

Ironman Marbella

Hot on the heels of the first round of the Davis Cup played between Spain and Great Britain, Marbella prepares itself for yet another world-class sporting event. Next on the agenda is considerably more demanding – Ironman Marbella takes places on 29 April.