School’s nearly out and with it a long summer holiday with your children at home. One of the best ways to keep them occupied over the next few weeks is to get them outside and enjoying an activity they’ll love. Better still if it’s a sport that they will be able to practise throughout their whole lives. This makes the Rio Real Intensive Golf Campus one of the best options for summer camps in Marbella this year. Read on to discover why and then sign your children up.

Why a golf summer camp in Marbella?

The summer holidays are for relaxing, but also make a great time to learn something. Children get far more out of a break if they use it to discover a new skill or ability. Golf has the advantage of taking them outside away from their screens and your kids will make the most of the sunshine and fresh air.

Golf is also a lifelong sport that can be played by all ages at any time. What your children learn at the Rio Real Golf Campus this summer will stay with them throughout their lives. Initiate them now into how to play golf and they acquire a sport they’ll play forever.

Golf also teaches them several valuable life skills. While your children are learning to play, they’ll also be practising their self-control and managing their expectations. Golf is a strategic game too so your kids will pick up useful lessons in thinking ahead and solving problems along the way.

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Why Rio Real?

Rio Real makes a great choice for golf summer camps in Marbella for several reasons. Firstly, it’s one of the most iconic golf courses on the Costa del Sol, created by legendary Javier Arana, considered the best Spanish designer of all time. Its 18 holes offer a unique golfing experience and Rio Real is one of the few golf courses in Marbella with a beachfront position.

Secondly, Rio Real can draw on the experience of one of the best golf coaches in Spain. Our Pro Sergio de Céspedes has many years of experience in helping golfers improve their technique and as a result, up their game. Sergio will lead the Rio Real Intensive Golf Campus coaching your children in the best golfing techniques.

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All the details

The Intensive Golf Campus runs from 8 July to 30 August and takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 10.30am and 1pm. It’s designed for children aged from 8 to 15, the ideal age bracket for initiation into the sport.

The course aims to provide all participants with a good basic grounding in golfing techniques. Your children will practise short and long shots as well as bunker and putts. The Campus also includes agility circuits to improve coordination and motor skills. And the cherry on the cake comes in the on-course practice. The young golfers will get the chance to go out onto the Rio Real golf course and play several holes.

The Campus ends with a final putt competition where the future stars on the golfing circuit can apply what they have learnt over the summer. Practice balls and all golfing equipment are included as part of the summer Campus package.

Sign them up now

Registration is open now for the Rio Real Intensive Golf Campus. To sign your children up to one of the best summer camps in Marbella, simply call (+34) 670 640 112 or drop an email to