Caddy Master Río Real

Golf in Marbella isn’t just about a manicured course, great equipment and being able to place your shots under par. There’s also a key figure behind the scenes making sure your game goes smoothly and you have the best possible experience: the Caddy Master.

In this article within the series Behind the scenes at Rio Real we talk to the Caddy Master, José Julio Muñoz Romero. You’ll always find him and his team on hand for your game of golf in Marbella.

The role of Caddy Master

Our first objective is to find out exactly what a Caddy Master does. And as José Julio explains, the role involves quite a lot more than you might expect. The Caddy Master at Rio Real Golf is on hand from the moment you arrive to the moment you put your clubs back into your car.

“The minute players arrive, we find out their needs and take them and their equipment to our golf reception,” explains José Julio. The next steps include check-in for the golf reservation and advice on any golf accessories the players might need.

Once the players are ready to take on their game, the Caddy Master accompanies them to the starter tee and gives them a heads-up on the course. “We run through the different tees, flag positions and distance markers so they have a general idea of what to expect,” says José Julio.

When they set off on the course, players still have access to any information they might need. The Rio Real Marshall is on hand to help out, tell them about rules and keep up the rhythm of the game.

Passion for golf

José Julio’s love of golf in Marbella goes back several decades. When he was a student, he used to work as a caddie at Rio Real at weekends and during the holidays. It was during this period that he fell in love with the sport.

Although he later worked in many other roles in the hospitality industry, golf has always been his true passion. He later went on to do a Master’s in golf course management at the EADE university studies centre in Malaga.

What’s different about Rio Real course

José Julio knows the Rio Real Golf course like the back of his hand. “Each hole is completely different, reflecting the unique design by Javier Arana,” he says.

He goes on to list the biggest challenges on the course. “Firstly, there’s the river, which golfers have to face in two directions, ahead and aside them. Then, the bunkers that defend the greens are another challenge. And lastly, the imposing trees, some of which have grown very big since they were planted back in 1965.”

The Rio Real Caddy Master also highlights the service and attention players receive, perhaps unique in golf in Marbella. “Golfers really feel at home here,” José Julio says, “as if they were in their own club.” They can also enjoy first-class installations and maintenance. “Players praise the state of our greens daily,” he says.

The human factor

Another factor that puts Rio Real ahead of the rest when it comes to golf in Marbella is the team behind the scenes. José Julio highlights their professionalism, dedication and teamwork. “We have an amazing team who really enjoy their jobs and share friendship and love of this sport, both at work and outside it,” says the Caddy Master.

Discover the dedication, care and attention for yourself when you play at Rio Real Golf. Check out our dynamic pricing system too, allowing you to get the very best deal for your next round of golf in Marbella. 


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