As we are well aware, the coronavirus has now spread worldwide with all but a handful of countries affected. Obviously, many people are worried, particularly those with travel plans. At Rio Real we fully understand your concerns and in this article, Coronavirus – a guide for golfers on the Costa del Sol, we’d like to offer some facts and suggest that golf is one of the best activities in the current situation. 

We’d also like to point out that for our staff, both on the golf course and at the Boutique Hotel, it’s very much business as usual. We’re ready and waiting to offer you our usual warm welcome to ensure you the best experience when you play golf on the Costa del Sol.

The Costa del Sol and coronavirus in perspective

The Costa del Sol along with the rest of Spain has been affected by the virus. As you know, the situation changes daily, but in mid-March it was low-key. The Costa del Sol forms part of the province of Malaga that has a population of 1.64 millón in an area of 7,308 square kilometres. Within the province, the incidence of coronavirus is currently very low.

Within Andalucia, the virus also has affected a very low percentage of the population. For current official figures in the region and Malaga province click here. Andalucia is larger than Austria and the Czech Republic and much burger than Ireland and the Benelux.



Advice on travelling to the Costa del Sol for your golf holiday

If you have a golf break on the Costa del Sol planned for the near future, there are several things you can do in the current coronavirus situation.

1.   Check for travel bans both for Spain and your home country.

2.   Take out comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellations, evacuation and illness.

3.   Choose a golf course with a generous cancellation policy. For example, Rio Real gives you up to 6 days before your tee time to cancel your golf booking.

Think of golf as an alternative

In the short time it has been around the coronavirus has taught us a few things:

·       You are better away from large crowds of people.

·       Big events should be avoided.

·       Being outside in the open air is one of the best places to be.

·       Spending time in the warm sunshine is a good idea too.

·        It is also thought that the virus, like flu, survives less well in warmer temperatures .

Golf on the Costa del Sol gives you the chance to get away from the crowds. On the course, it’s just you, the fresh air (the sea breeze in the case of Rio Real) and your favourite sport. 

And now (the spring) is one of the best times of the year to enjoy it. Yours to make the most of the warm temperatures, lots of sunshine and a mass of colourful spring flowers.

As well as golf you can enjoy the beaches in Marbella, stroll around the Old Town with the scent of orange blossom in the air and soak up the rays and views from the private terrace in your room at our Boutique Hotel.

Right here, right now

Our slogan says it all and at this moment it rings truer than ever. Now is the time to focus on the present. We tend to always be thinking about the future, worrying what tomorrow, next week, next month… will bring when we should be concentrating on the here and now.

Yes, coronavirus is worrying but as with everything in life, we need perspective. Only the present is in our hands. The past has already happened and cannot be changed.  The future lies ahead but we have no control over it or know anything about it for certain.

Now, more than ever, the important thing is to focus on the present moment. Relish it and savour it. And where better to do so than in the sunshine on the greens at Rio Real with the Mediterranean sparkling ahead of you and the Sierra Blanca mountains behind you?

Did you know? Río Real Golf & Hotel are open as usual with the course in immaculate condition so that you can enjoy your favourite sport in the sunshine and fresh air worry-free.

Rio Real Real right here, right now. See you there!