While the best ways to improve your golf are always through practice, expert tuition and perseverance, all three of these take time. But the good news is that there are some quick fixes that help your score card look better. Read on to discover six ways to quickly up your game of golf in the Costa del Sol.

Be prepared

One of the best ways to up your golf in the Costa del Sol lies in the pre-game preparation. Make sure your equipment is ready – have you packed the right clubs? Are they clean? And then check that your gloves and shoes fit properly. A glove that doesn’t fit literally like a glove can make all the difference between a good and bad shot.

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Know the course

Another part of your preparation comes in getting to know the course. Before you start your round of golf in the Costa del Sol, study the layout of the course. Pinpoint the tricky parts, know where the bunkers lie and where you likely to encounter challenges. As they say in business, knowledge is power!

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Learn the rules

All too often, golfers notch up penalties or drop their scores because they don’t know the rules of the game. Make a habit of regularly consulting the rule book and learning the basics. Investing this small amount of time often means you can look forward to seeing some improvements to your game next time you’re playing golf in the Costa del Sol.

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Save energy

Golf is one of the toughest sports around – four to five hours on the course can be physically and mentally draining. Keep your body hydrated and fuelled with food and water during the game – Rio Real Golf has a snack bar right on the course. Save your legs by hiring a buggy for your round.

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Practise the shorts

Golfers tend to spend proportionally much more time practicing their long shots rather than the short ones. As a result, those all-important little shots – often the ones that make all the difference on your score card – are the ones that let you down most often. Make a habit of including short shot practice into your golfing routine. You’ll be surprised how quickly your score improves.

Focus on the positives

As golfers we tend to demand the very best from ourselves and dwell on the bad shots when we don’t deliver. Instead of beating yourself up about that swing that fell short or that missed putt, focus on your good shots. After the game, make a note of the highlights of the game, go over them and remember them for the next round. This positive thinking will do wonders to improve your golf in the Costa del Sol.

These quick fixes are all very well, but practice really does make perfect. Get some help from the Pro and watch your golf cruise up to the next level.