Get fit for golf

Being fit or reasonably fit for golf on the Costa del Sol will make a big difference to your game. Not only will you have more power for that all-important swing, you’ll also be able to control it better. You will less likely to suffer injury when you play and be able to play better for longer. And then of course, there are the general benefits to your health that come with better physical shape. In this blog post, we take a look at four ways you can add to your fitness and by extension, to your game of golf.

Benefits of being fit for golf

The advantages of a reasonable level of fitness need no introduction and are valid for any sport as well as golf. They include reducing the risk of all sorts of diseases such as cardiovascular complaints, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers.

Being fit also keeps your weight under control and allows you to be more active in your daily life. Several studies also indicate that you’ll live longer and improve your mood and wellbeing. But what can you do specifically in your fitness regime to improve for golf on the Costa del Sol?

Top tip – as well as improving your physical condition to play better golf, you can also train your mind. Find out how here

Warm up (and down) properly

The right preparation is fundamental to any sport and getting your body ready for action prevents injury and muscle strain. Specifically for golf on the Costa del Sol, a good warm-up routine can help you avoid back problems and tendinitis.

A warm-up shouldn’t be limited to stretching; you need to get your body moving in preparation for 18 holes of play. Your routine should include a short but brisk walk, arm and legs swings and squats. Make it as dynamic as you can to get your muscles warmed up and ready. You can see some good tips for warming up for your game here

Top tip – start your warm-up routine 15 to 20 minutes before you start your game.

Add strength

Hitting a golf ball hard round all 18 holes takes some strength and on some days, you might not feel as strong as others. Make strength-training a part of your everyday fitness regime and watch how your swing becomes more powerful and more accurate.

Top tip – for the ultimate tips on improving your strength of your swing, sign up for a tailor-made course at the Rio Real Academy. Designed to suit your requirements, the course will take your golf on the Costa del Sol to the next level. Find out more

Add stamina

Some of the golf courses on the Costa del Sol are long and playing the full 18 holes counts as real physical exercise. Getting fitter will allow you to get round the course more easily and comfortably. To do this, add some cardio to your daily fitness routine. This can be as simple as always taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking instead of driving.

Top tip – if you’re not feeling up to 18 holes, why not play 9 instead

Add practice

Our last tip for getting fit for golf on the Costa del Sol is to get in as much practice as possible. The more you practise, the fitter you will become and the easier you’ll find it to play well (and without injury). The Rio Real Golf dynamic pricing system means you can play as often as you like and for the very best prices. Take a look and book yourself some rounds for the next few weeks. 


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