The Costa del Sol boasts a great year-round climate for golfers with guaranteed sunshine and temperatures that usually hover pleasantly around 23 degrees. All that changes in July and August when things start to heat up. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up golf in the summer months. It turns out that it’s easy to stay cool on the golf course in Marbella. Read on to discover the best ways to play 18 holes and end as cool as a cucumber.

Play first thing or last thing

One of the best ways of staying cool on the golf course in Marbella is of course timing your game. Make the most of the cool early morning or the balmy evening dusk for a round of golf. Many golf courses in Marbella including Rio Real open by 8am giving you a good two or three hours before the sun starts beating down too hard. Or leave it till last thing and make the most of the cooler evening temperatures.

Best of all? Early bird and twilight green fees on the Costa del Sol tend to be among the cheapest so you’re not only staying cool, you’re getting the best deal! Find out more. 

Make the most of the shade

Choose a golf course in Marbella with plenty of shade along the 18 holes giving you the chance to get out of the sun when you’re not playing a shot. The course at Rio Real is lined with magnificent trees the whole way giving you respite from the sun as well as providing a stunning backdrop.

Best of all? Rent a buggy to save your energy and get some shade as you drive from green to green. 

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to keeping cool when you play golf in the summer. Pop a cool bag in with your clubs so you have plenty of drinking water as you make your way round. Or choose a golf course in Marbella with refreshment stops. Rio Real, for example, has one half-way round the course.

Best of all? Treat yourself to a long refreshing something at the Rio Real Club House at the end of your game.

Dress coolly

Another way of avoiding the heat is to dress for the summer. Choose light-coloured clothes and wear a lightweight hat. The bigger the brim the better for extra shade. And don’t forget to be generous with the sun cream.

Best of all? If your golfing clothes don’t quite fit the summer season, pop into the Rio Real Pro Shop where you’ll find exactly what you need. 

Take a refreshing dip afterwards

After a hot round of 18 holes there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool. The one at Rio Real comes with panoramic mountain views, loungers and, of course, beautifully cool water. Make the absolute most of the pool by booking a stay at the boutique hotel – check out the special ‘Stay & Play’ deals for golf guests. Stay for 3 nights in the Rio Real Hotel and get two rounds of golf. 

Best of all? Rio Real pool has an even cooler vibe in the summer with live DJ sessions and cocktails.

Play during months with less heat

If you really can’t stand the heat then your best bet is to play outside July and August. The rest of the year offers warm temperatures and sunshine – perfect conditions for a round on any golf course in Marbella.

Best of all? Rio Real’s dynamic prices offer great prices for golf all year-round. Plan ahead and get the best deals now.