golf course in Marbella

Not only is Río Real a great golf course in Marbella it also offers a long list of extras. As well as a round of golf you can enjoy other sports, sit back and relax in luxury, experience some fine dining, up your golfing game and treat yourself to well-deserved massage. Read on to discover everything waiting for you at Río Real, so much more than just a great golf course in Marbella.

Up your game

There’s always room for improvement in any sport and golf is no exception. At Río Real you can up your game in a number of ways:

•        Take a tailor-made course at our golf academy with classes adapted to suit you and your level.

•        Take your swing to another level with a 3D Biomechanic Analysis and watch your game improve.

•        Get even fitter as a golfer with our personal training sessions designed to tone and build the muscles you need to play a great game of golf.

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Sit back and relax

If you’re looking to take time out from golf, you’re in the right place. Río Real offers several ways you can relax absolutely (and in luxury):

•        Treat yourself to one of the treatments at our Wellness centre. Choose a facial or massage from our list that includes massages specifically for golfers.

•        Stretch your body and relax your mind at a yoga session. Join one of our yoga classes and improve your flexibility, breathing and circulation, and lose all that nervous tension.

•        Lie by the pool at the Rio Real Boutique Hotel, the perfect place to soak up some warm rays and relax.

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Play another sport

It’s not easy to find a golf course in Marbella where you can play other sports as well as golf. Río Real is one of the exceptions. While you’re with us, why not try your hand at:

•        Tennis and paddle tennis on our top-quality courts. Need to improve your game? Take a class with one of our professional instructors.

•        Swimming. We offer swimming classes so you can improve your style and technique, and get the most out of the water. And for extra fitness, why not try a spot of aquagym?

Improve your fitness

There’s no doubt about it: the fitter you are, the better your game of golf. At our golf course in Marbella you can improve your fitness and shape by:

•        Doing some electrofitness sessions. This special suit works wonders on your body and muscles.

•        Taking a personal training session. Our professional personal trainer is on hand to help you achieve the fitness level you’re looking for.

•        And if you’ve taken your fitness training a little too far, we offer rehabilitation sessions as well as physiotherapy and oesteotherapy to help you get back on track.

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We know Rio Real is much, much more than just a great golf course in Marbella, but don’t take our word for it – find out for yourself.  

See you there!


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