Golf deals in Marbella

Autumn has officially arrived on the Costa del Sol and with it, warm sunshine and cooler temperatures making perfect conditions for a round of golf. In fact, many golfers say it’s the best time of the year to play. To help you get the most of your game this autumn, we’ve put together a guide to getting the best golf deals in Marbella over the next few months.

1. Know your way round the Rio Real dynamic pricing system

Earlier this year, Rio Real introduced something of an innovation in the world of golf on the Costa del Sol – dynamic prices. The new system puts you in control of how much you pay for a round and offers some of the best golf deals in Marbella. Take a look at how it works and then book your round(s).  

2. Plan ahead

If you’re thinking ahead and planning your golfing break in Marbella this autumn, take a look at the Rio Real green fees in October, November and December. They’re all up there and you can see at a glance when the best deals are. 

3. Leave it to the last minute

As well as rewarding golfers who are planning ahead, the Rio Real dynamic pricing system also benefits those who leave things to the last minute. If you fancy a game of golf tomorrow or even this afternoon, there could be a sweet golf deal waiting for you.

4. Play first thing

Getting out on the course first thing in the morning comes with many advantages including some of the best golf deals in Marbella. Combine the Rio Real dynamic prices with the traditional Early Bird discount and you’ve got some winning green fees!

5. Play last thing

Even if you’re not an early bird, you can still take advantage of some great prices for a round of golf in Marbella. Take a look at the Rio Real Twilight fees for games played last thing in the day and you’ll see what we mean. 

6. Look for the red and orange

Rio Real’s dynamic pricing system is colour-coded making it easy to see at a glance just when the best prices are available. For super savers – think up to 45% discount – look for the red and orange pricing. The deeper the red, the better the golf deals in Marbella. It really is that simple! 

7. Go for November

Speaking of dark reds, take a look at the prices for a round of golf at Rio Real in November. This month comes with some exceptionally sweet deals including several days with some very large discounts. But remember, these prices are dynamic and as a result, change frequently so when you see a great deal, book it!

8. Get a group together

Another way of getting some great golf deals in Marbella this autumn is to bring a group of friends together for a round. If you convince 7 friends to play with you at Rio Real, 1 of you plays free. Look out for the 1 Free in 8 deal on the booking calendar.

9. Just play 9

Playing just half the course might sound strange but it comes with two big advantages. Not only does it allow you to get in a quick game before or after work, it saves you money. Find out more about why playing 9 holes of golf on the Costa del Sol could be for you.

10. Don’t forget the buggy

And last but not least in our tips for getting the best golf deals in Marbella this autumn, come the accessories. Don’t forget to check out special offers for buggies, an essential when you’re playing a long course like Rio Real. Not only will you be saving on your game but also you’ll be able to dedicate all your energy to your play.


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