Golf in Marbella

As with every sport, golf comes with a million and one accessories. You can buy something for everything and get to choose from a selection. But what do you really need for a game of golf? Read on to discover ten accessories that should not be missing when you’re out playing golf in Marbella.

Marker pen

Even the best players lose golf balls. Or forget which ball belongs to them when there are several balls together on a green. To avoid confusion, carry a marker pen in your golf accessories and mark your ball. That way, you’ll always be able to identify yours when you’re playing golf in Marbella.

Did you know? As well as accessories, you need the right clubs and irons. Find out exactly what should be in your golf bag here.

Golf cap

Perhaps the most important accessory for golf in Marbella where the sun will almost certainly be shining when you play. Choose one with a big brim to keep the sun out of your eyes as much as possible.

Did you know? Check out our top tips for keeping cool on the course when you’re playing golf in Marbella. 

Water bottle

When the heat is on (and it will be in Marbella in July and August), be sure to pack a bottle of water in your golf bag so you stay hydrated round the course.

Did you know? The Club House at Rio Real is a great spot to cool down with a refreshing drink after your round of golf in Marbella. You’ll also enjoy stunning views of the greens, mountains and sea. 

A towel or two

Pack a towel in with your golf accessories to keep the club handles and golf balls dry while you’re playing. If it’s hot or raining, pack a spare to use when the other towel gets too wet to use.

Did you know? Make it a dark towel so that the dirt marks don’t show up and you don’t have to wash the towel so often!

Golf pencil

Essential for keeping score when you’re playing golf. And a pencil is better than a pen as you can easily erase mistakes.

Did you know? Rio Real’s unique dynamic pricing system means you can play golf in Marbella for less. Find out all about getting better green fees here

White wooden tees

Funky neon-coloured tees are available, but there’s nothing like a white wooden tee for reliability and for keeping up traditions. After all, take a look at any pro playing in a golf championship and they’re using white wooden tees.

Did you know? Rio Real counts as one of the oldest golf courses in Marbella and 53 years after it was built, it continues to rank as one of the best in Spain


A good idea if you’re playing golf in Marbella and need to clean your ball before your next shot. Just pick the ball up gently and place the marker exactly where the ball was.

Did you know? Marbella has a perfect climate for golf all year-round – 320 days of sunshine and an average temperature of 18 degrees.

Groove cleaner

Maybe not so essential because you could use your towel, but a very useful accessory. A groove cleaner will remove dirt and sand from your clubs and irons ensuring you get a clean strike. It also helps you control your shot and the spin.

Did you know? The Rio Real golf shop sells a world of golf accessories. Pop along to stock up on yours and don’t forget that holders of the Amigo Card get 10% off all purchases in our Pro Shop. 

Distance measuring device

Perhaps not so essential, but very useful especially if your distance guessing isn’t too good. This device allows you to calculate exactly how far you’re going to have to hit to ball as you go round the golf course.

Did you know? Rio Real has a total distance of over 6,000m over its 18 holes.

Pitch fork

You might not think this one’s essential but your fellow players (and those playing behind you) will be very grateful if you pop a pitch fork in with your golf accessories. This neat little tool allows you to repair your pitch mark leaving the grass exactly as you found it.

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