Even the best golfers in the world need help with their technique in the game. Golf ranks among most challenging sports to play so it makes sense to get some professional help with your game. As even the great Jack Nicklaus said, “Don’t be too proud to take lessons; I’m not”. With this in mind, read on to discover 10 reasons why you should get some golf instruction in Marbella.

Learn the right way from day one

One of the secrets to playing golf well lies in having the right techniques. If you’re a complete beginner, get some beginner’s golf instruction in Marbella to ensure you start playing on the right foot.

Understand the rules

Like all sports, golf has its own set of rules, some of which are complex. At a golf academy, you’ll get the chance to learn about them and put them into practice under the guiding eye of your instructor.

Did you know? Golf introduced new rules early this year. Check them out here. 

Get pro tips and advice

Another reason to get some golf instruction in Marbella lies in all the great advice you can tap into. Make the most of your lessons to ask the instructor for tips and tricks on how to play better.

Perfect your technique

You might think your swing works or that you have the right posture for the shot, but your score card might be telling a different story. Join a golf academy in Marbella to improve all aspects of your game.

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Improve your score

Perhaps the most obvious reason for taking golf instruction in Marbella because who doesn’t want to improve their score card?

Perfect your grip

Holding the club in the right way forms a major part of golf and can make the difference between a good and bad shot. Take some classes at a golf academy in Marbella and find out how to grip a club properly.

Hear the truth

Golfing partners may not tell you if your shot is terrible, but a golf instructor will. Sign up for some golf classes in Marbella and get some proper feedback on what you’re doing wrong.

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Find the technique that works for you

If you’re thinking of joining a golf academy in Marbella, sign up to one that offers tailor-made classes. This ensures you get the tuition in the aspects you need to improve your golf. Rio Real Golf Academy creates golf classes in Marbella to suit you and your golfing needs. 

Love golf even more

There’s no doubt about it – if you learn to play better golf, you enjoy the game more. Take a few classes, watch your golf improve and your enjoyment soar!

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