golf on the Costa del Sol

Lets face it – no one’s getting younger and all the best golf players are in their 20s or early 30s. But just because the years continue to march by doesn’t mean you can’t still play great golf. In this article, we take a look at how the older player can still make a success of golf on the Costa del Sol following five top tips.

Check your equipment

Whatever your age, the equipment you play with is fundamental to playing well or badly. Older players inevitably hit the ball more slowly so this means taking a good look at every single club to make sure they match your speed.

This might be the time to get rid of some long irons in favour of more fairway woods or hybrids. Check the grip on all your clubs too – many older players find that a thicker one offers better results especially on longer shots.

Top tip: Discover exactly what should be in your golf bag. 

Warm up and cool down

Preparation is fundamental in any sporting activity whatever your age and golf is no exception. Even if it’s warm and sunny (as golf on the Costa del Sol usually is!) make sure you warm up properly before your game.

And we don’t mean just practise your swing movement, get your whole body moving. Do some stretching exercises – flex your legs, touch your toes… It’s also a good idea to get your heart rate going too with some light jogging on the spot or a short, brisk walk.

And don’t forget to cool down after the game too. As soon as you’ve put your clubs away and before you move on the post-game discussion at the Club House spend a short while stretching your body.

Top tip: Make stretching exercises a part of your daily routine – you’ll notice a difference in everything not just when you play golf.

Relax your arms

As any golfer knows, your arms and hands are the most important part of the body in golf. And as you get older, you’ll probably find your muscles are stiffer and don’t quite respond as they used to.

To get round this, make sure you relax your arms from shoulder to fingers before a game. Make this a part of your pre-game warm-up routine – you’ll notice the difference in all your shots.

Top tip: Don’t forget to flex all your fingers and rotate your wrists too.

Tee it forward

Thanks to a nationwide initiative in the US, teeing it forward has become common practice on many golf courses. When you play golf on the Costa del Sol, try bringing the tee forward at every hole. Benefits include more enjoyable golf because there are fewer long shots especially on the longest fairways. 

Top tip: As well as teeing forward, you can also play a shorter game. Most golf courses on the Costa del Sol have good 9-hole rounds available – a satisfying alternative to the full 18.

Check your range of motion

Older players also need to check their golfing technique and one of the areas that needs slight modifications is the range of motion. You’ll find shots easier and more effective if your stance isn’t as wide as you’re used to. It’s also worth checking how you stand – experts recommend placing your left foot at 11 o’clock and your right foot at 1 o’clock.

Get some expert tips on playing golf as you get older. Rio Real Golf Academy  offers tailor-made tuition for any age and level. Our pro Sergio de Céspedes can offer plenty of advice on how to play great golf and get results even if you’re no longer a spring chicken.

Top tip: Whatever your age, the best way to improve your game of golf on the Costa del Sol is to get in plenty of practice. Book your round at Rio Real now. 




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