Río Real Hoyo 10 plano

Hole 10 Par-4,330m

Don’t worry if your drive doesn’t reach the dogleg in the fairway. Nobody is perfect! Choose your second shot to the green carefully. If you lay up you’ll be fine. If you decide to go for it – over the pine trees and the hill – hold your breath until you hear “over! over!” from your fellow players. Then feel free to breathe again!

Technical Advice

The difficulty of this hole lies at the beginning, with a steep hill on the right that complicates the second shot with a right angle dogleg to the green. The green is protected by a bunker on the right and two platforms with drop-offs towards the entrance. It could be considered the most strategic hole because of the difficulty in positioning the tee shot.

Pro's Tip

If your drive is under 240m, play this hole as a par 5.


Details for hole 10