Plano Hoyo 11 Río Real

Hole 11 Par-4,336m

The tee sits 80 metres above the fairway. Follow the majestic flight of your ball. Travel with it humming one of your favourite melodies. Enjoy that magical moment until the ball lands in the middle of the fairway. On your second shot drop the ball on the green and without hiding your satisfaction for the birdie, move on to the next tee.

Technical Advice

Elevated tee, offering excellent views of the lake. The first shot crosses the road, on towards the bunker on the left of the landing zone, with a slight bend to the right towards the green, which the river crosses in front of. The green is on two levels, and is protected by bunkers on both sides, as well as to the rear.

Pro's Tip

Line up the tee shot towards the bunker on the left, or you’ll be left without a second shot, due to the height of the trees. 

Watch out for the out of bounds on the left. Short approach to an easy green.

Details for hole 11