Plano Hoyo 18 Río Real

Hole 18 Par-4,369m

You have reached the end of the course. If it didn’t go as you had hoped, finish off on a high by playing this hole well. If you don’t succeed, don’t worry, tomorrow will be better. However, if you have a good scorecard, steady your nerves and don’t spoil it now. In any case the 19th hole is waiting for you in the clubhouse where you can chat about the fortunes and misfortunes of your day’s golf at Río Real over a refreshing beer.

Technical Advice

The hole curves away to the right with a bunker to the left of the landing zone. The approach is to an elevated, split-level green, divided into two longitudinal platforms and protected by two bunkers right and left.

Pro's Tip

The major challenge on this hole is the tee shot; aim your drive slightly to the left, towards the bunker. Given the change in elevation, take two clubs more than the distance suggests. Large, fast green.

Detail for hole 18