Plano Hoyo 7 Río Real

Hole 7 Par-5,443m

First par 5 and uphill. Don’t get distracted by the great view of the course from the tee. Hit your first two shots as hard as you can. On the approach watch out for the bunker on the left, it is there to punish the overconfident player, as well as the apparently innocent looking green!

Technical Advice

The first shot is uphill with a bunker on the right-hand side and pine trees to the left. The second shot has a bunker on the left and another on the right close to the green. The third shot is up to a slightly elevated green with a drop off at its entrance, and protected by two large bunkers left and right.

The difficulty lies in getting your drive onto the fairway that bends away to the left, and avoiding the bunker to the left of the green on the approach.

Pro's Tip

Aim your drive at the bunker at the back. The second shot has danger on both sides. The approach is to an uphill green with a deep bunker to the left.

Details for hole 7