Plano Hoyo 9 Río Real

Hole 9 Par-5,457m

Aren’t we doing great halfway round? Well make sure you play this hole as though you’ll be discussing it with the spectators from Marbella who’ll be watching you on your approach and as you put out looking for the birdie. Don’t let them down.

Technical Advice

Dogleg left off the tee, with a straight second shot without bunkers in play.

The approach is to a green which is free from any significant drop-offs and which is protected by two bunkers right and left.

The hardest part is off the tee. Aim your drive a little to the right in order to avoid the path and the slope that runs down to the first fairway, running parallel to you on your second shot.

Pro's Tip

Aim straight off the tee with a little bit of draw. Second shot straight down the middle of the fairway and if the flag is to the left of the green don’t attack it too aggressively on the approach or you’ll end up in the bunker.

Details for hole  9