Weeks of staying inside as much as possible and zero golf can take their toll on your game. We know you’ve been desperate to get back on the course, but your play will probably have suffered. To help you get back to your best golf after lockdown, our Pro Sergio de Céspedes has put together some top tips. Read on to discover how to get the most out of your first games.

Don’t set yourself an objective

To help you recover your best golf post lockdown, keep your expectations realistic. Better still, don’t set yourself an objective at all. No imagining ideal scores, no filling in your score card, no comparing your shot to anyone else’s.

Be kind to yourself and leave your score card at home or in your golf bag. Just go out onto the course and enjoy it. Have fun and take time to reconnect with all the wonderful things this sport has to offer.

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Do get moving

In Spain, we’ve been inside for over seven weeks so our bodies aren’t used to moving about much. Even if you haven’t been under strict lockdown, you won’t have played any golf for a long time.

Your top priority is therefore to avoid muscle aches and pains afterwards. To help get your body moving again, spend at least 10 minutes warming up before you play. Move every part of your body from your neck to your ankles. And stretch properly when your game is over.

Do play some practice moves

If you can, get onto the driving range before your game. Spend some time hitting the ball – start from less and gradually move up to more. Take some half shots first with open clubs.

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Do get a feel for your golf

Spend a long time at home and even the biggest golf fans may have forgotten what it’s like to be back on the course. When you step out, use the first few holes to get back in touch with the game.

Take some time to get a feel for the course, the ball and your clubs. Over the last few weeks, you will have lost touch with your best golf so let yourself remember what it’s like. And enjoy!

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Don’t think technically

During your first round of golf (and probably a few more), avoid thinking about the technical side of the game. The important thing during your initial contact with the course is the timing.

Just let yourself enjoy the game and remember why it’s your favourite sport. Don’t forget that the rest will come back later and with a bit of practice, your golf will soon be back on track.

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