Learning how to improve your golf game counts as a top priority for all golfers, both amateur and pro. As an amateur, there’s nothing more frustrating than messing up on the same old hole and notching up the same old score. To help you up your golf game, this blog post looks at ten ways of getting better at golf so that you can gradually bring down your score card.

1.        Get out there and play

Our first tip on how to improve your golf game gets you out on the fairway as often as possible. An occasional round isn’t enough and if you’re looking to make a real difference to your score, you need to put in regular rounds.

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2.        Practice makes perfect

This one sounds obvious, but you’re not going to improve your golf game without lots of dedicated practice. Go along to driving range at your favourite golf course and strike and swing away to your heart’s content. Make this a regular habit too – how about 20 minutes’ drive practice before every game?

3.        Take a class or two

It’s easy to get into bad habits when you play a sport and golf is no exception. Take a class or even a full course of golf training and turn those bad habits into great shots. Find out more about the Golf Academy at Rio Real Golf.

4.        Don’t forget those short shots

How many times have you bungled your score with your short shots? Make them one of your priorities and practise regularly. Discipline yourself to spend time before or after every round and don’t forget the short shots from slightly further away, say 4 feet instead of 3. Your final score card will thank you for it.

5.        Get some tips from the pros

You can learn how to improve your golf game from the pros. The top golf courses have pro tips for every single hole and the best have videos you can study at your leisure. Then all you need to do is put those tips into practice…

6.        Play with the right equipment

Every so often, check your golfing equipment and make sure it’s in tip-top condition. If it isn’t, buy yourself a replacement as soon as possible.

7.        Get in shape

While golf doesn’t rank among the most strenuous sports, you still need to be in shape to play at your best and avoid injury. Build stretching exercises into your daily routine outside the golf course and don’t forget to warm up before you start a game. Find out why playing golf on the Costa del Sol is so good for you

8.        Play it alone

Obviously playing golf with a group of friends is much more fun, but an occasional round on your own does wonders for your skill level. Put in a solo round say once a month and your score card will be more than grateful.

9.        Record everything

And while we’re talking about score cards, another top tip on how to improve your golf game is to record your score at every hole on every round. Note down your challenges, the weather conditions and how you felt physically too. Take a regular look at your score card and work out exactly where you need to up your game. Then reread tips one to five!

10.        Know your handicap

If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you should know your level. This will help you up your score and know who to play with to get better. Find out your golf handicap using the European Golf Association website.

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