There’s no doubt about it – the swing makes up one of the most important aspects in golf and without a good one, your game will (literally) never get off the ground. But the good news is that there’s plenty you can do to make improve your golf swing and even better, quickly and easily. Read on to discover ten easy tips to improve your golf swing and watch your game rise to the next level.

Don’t sweat it

First of all, don’t obsess with the technical side. A good golf swing is all about technique, but too much focus on doing everything by the book can mean you get stressed and lose your concentration. A pro tip is to visualise the ball’s flight before you hit it and focus on exactly where you want the ball to go.

Get some help

Although you shouldn’t over-think your swing, everyone can always do with some professional help. Take some expert tuition, preferably with a golf academy that uses 3D Biomechanics Analysis so you can see exactly what you need to improve. Sign up now for some help to improve your golf swing at the Rio Real Academy. 

Keep your balance

Keeping your balance stable and solid throughout the swing is fundamental and any off balance, however slight, can spell disaster. To improve your golf swing, practise your balance by standing on a foam log and striking the ball.

Use your whole body

The power in a golf swing comes from your body as well as your club and arms. Think of your body, club and arms as one solid unit and move them together for extra power behind the ball. Not only will you hit it harder, the ball will rise higher in the air too.

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Anchor your back foot

The position of your feet is also fundamental if you want to improve your golf swing. Anchor your back foot throughout the swing until the very last moment. Think of it as literally glued to the ground.

Rotate your torso

Think of your swing as a whole top body action. You need to rotate your torso as well as your arms. Your left shoulder should be almost above your right foot on a backswing and the other way round on a downswing.

Follow through

Another key to improving your swing in golf is the follow-through. By the end of the shot, aim to have your hands above your left shoulder and your right shoulder below your left. Or the other way round if you’re left-handed.

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Slow it down

Most golfing pros advise you keep your swing as slow as possible. Cutting your speed throughout the entire shot gives a better transition for hitting the ball. 

Keep track of your performance

Don’t forget to keep a record of how you do. There’s no point implementing tips to improve your golf swing if you don’t track how your performance.

Get in plenty of practice

Our last tip takes you onto the golf course as often as possible. As with everything in golf, practice makes perfect so grab every opportunity to play a round. At Rio Real, this couldn’t be easier since our dynamic pricing system means you can book online quickly and easily, and at the best possible prices. Book yours now.