The Christmas festivities might still be in full flow but many of us will also be starting to think about enjoying a revitalising health and wellbeing re-set in the New Year. This might entail adopting a more nutritious diet, signing up for a series of wellness treatments or playing more sport. Or even better still all three! And the good news is we can do it all in the one place: Río Real Golf Hotel.

In the first place, the Río Real restaurant not only satisfies the most demanding and discerning palates but also uses natural and home-made ingredients that pay tribute to the famed Mediterranean diet; while the snack bar offers light lunches for those trying to avoid heavy meals – at least during the day!

For the second stage of our 2017 health plan, the hotel has wellness treatments that are essential for the health and vitality of the skin – from relaxing and recuperative massages to state-of-the-art facial treatments – as well as a private swimming pool area and solarium. As for sport, Río Real’s facilities are surrounded by nature and include tennis and pádel courts, with private classes available for guests keen to fine-tune their technique.

Then there is golf, Río Real’s stellar and iconic attraction, an 18-hole championship course designed by the legendary golf architect Javier Arana that meanders from the hotel and clubhouse through a profusion of verdant trees and vibrant flora to the sea. The health benefits of golf are well documented and absolutely conclusive. A recent report on the relationships between golf and health, by Br J Sports Med, concluded that practitioners and policymakers should be “encouraged to support more people to play golf, due to associated improved physical health and mental wellbeing, and a potential contribution to increased life expectancy”.

The authors of this exhaustive overview said there was “compelling evidence that regular physical activity has longevity, physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages, genders, geographical and socioeconomic backgrounds… (and) golf has the potential to provide physical activity, and thus health and social benefits, to persons of all ages. Golf is particularly popular among middle-aged and older adults, who are generally less active than younger adults.” If you haven’t already taken up golf, the Río Real academy and its expert team, backed with cutting-edge equipment, can give you the ideal introduction to the game, while you also have the opportunity of enjoying the whole invigorating Río Real wellness and golf experience. After the festivities… the perfect healthy start to 2017.