Mindfulness and golf on the Costa del Sol

To play golf on the Costa del Sol and play it well, you need the right equipment, the correct technique and a good course. But mindset also counts for a lot. The ability to think clearly and calmly can make all the difference between a good shot and a bad one, and ultimately on your final score. And mindfulness is one of the tools you can use to help you achieve the right frame of mind.

What is mindfulness?

In a nutshell, mindfulness is when you place your full attention on what’s happening now, at this very moment. It involves absolute focus on what you’re doing and the space you’re doing it in.

People often compare mindfulness to meditation, although the two differ in that you don’t have to sit still to practise mindfulness. But how does this state of mind of here and now apply when you play golf on the Costa del Sol?

The right surroundings for the game

Given that an essential part of mindfulness includes your surroundings, it makes sense to choose one of the more attractive courses when you play golf on the Costa del Sol. Look for a course with:

•        Lots of natural features – think mature trees and water.

•        Inspirational views – some Costa del Sol courses look out to the sea and the mountains.

•        Peace and quiet – make sure your sound track is bird song and the wind in the trees. Better still? The sounds of the waves breaking gently on the shore (such as at the 4th on the course at Rio Real, for example).


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The right moment for the game

Mindfulness is all about the moment – as the Rio Real slogan says, “Right Here, Right Now”. In golf that means focusing on each step of the game. The right mindset is fundamental and mindfulness helps you concentrate.

Think about how much time you actually spend hitting the ball when you play golf. In a round of 18 holes, it might be as little as 30 minutes. You spend the rest of the time analysing your last shot, worrying about the next one or stressing about a bunker that ahead of you on the course. Mindfulness helps you focus on one thing at a time. And when you play golf on the Costa del Sol that means the shot in hand.

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The benefits when you play golf on the Costa del Sol

Practising mindfulness when you’re on the golf course has several benefits. Firstly, you’ll feel much more relaxed and calmer. This tranquil mindset will help you play better golf. Another benefit is better concentration, which will also lead to an improvement in your technique as you focus on one shot at a time. And lastly, you’ll see your golf score improve.

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