New Year’s golf resolutions

A new year always brings new resolutions. The difficult thing is keeping them, but at Rio Real we’ve come up with six practical New Year’s golf resolutions. All easy to make and more importantly, easy to keep. Take note, put them into practice and watch your game soar in 2018!


Play more golf

First up on our list of New Year’s golf resolutions is to simply play more golf because practice makes perfect, right? So, one of the best ways to improve your golf game in 2018 is to get out on the course more often. If possible, make a habit of playing at least once a week.

Top tip: to help you keep this New Year’s golf resolution, book yourself a few golfing breaks for this year now


Play for less

Everyone loves a good golf deal and the good news is that there are plenty to be had when it comes to green fees on the Costa del Sol. Choose your course wisely and pick your time of play for maximum savings.

Top tip: take a look at Rio Real’s membership deals for 2018. The packs of 40 or 60 green fees offer huge discounts on one-off fees


Play better golf

As well as to get in plenty of practice, make another of your New Year’s golf resolutions to play better. One of the best ways of doing this is to get pro tips for the course you’re playing on. These help you to approach each hole with confidence and to avoid the pitfalls. But remember to stray out of your comfort zone every so often and play a different course.

Top tip: the Rio Real golf course website provides pro tips for every single hole as well as a bird’s eye video. How’s that for detail


Play and learn

Whatever your level of golf there’s always room for improvement. Make 2018 the year you up your game. Whether you want to get to grips with your swing, learn to strike faster and harder or need to perfect your putt, take some specialist golf lessons this year. The best golf academies offer courses suitable for all levels with the option of private tuition on a one-to-one basis.

Top tip: the swing is one of the most difficult aspects in golf. To take yours to the next level, take a biomechanical 3D course at Rio Real. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll improve


Play fitter

The fitter you are the better your golf so make 2018 the year you improve your general fitness. Golfers need core strength and flexibility to play better so work on these key areas when you’re off the golf course. And for extra fitness on the course, why not walk the 18 holes instead of taking the buggy?

Top tip: check out the Rio Real Walk&Play promo – 13% discount on green fees during January and February if you choose to walk the course. Book your fitter golf session now.  


Play with better equipment

Even the best players in the world need the best equipment. Make it your resolution to check your golf equipment and replace any old or worn-out items. Double-check you’re playing with the right balls and clubs too, and if necessary, upgrade them to improve your game.

Top tip: the start of the New Year coincides with the sales in Spain. Visit the Rio Real ProShop to get your golfing bargains

Remember to make a note of your New Year’s golf resolutions now. Go back to them in a month’s time and see how many you’re keeping. Hopefully, it’ll be all six!


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