We’ve already looked at the advantages behind playing golf in Marbella first thing in the morning. But what are the benefits of being the last players on the course? Of leaving your round to the late afternoon and early evening? In this article, we look at why it’s worth playing golf in Marbella last thing in the day.

No one behind you

One of the biggest advantages of being last on the course is that there are no players behind you. This gives you and your fellow golfers the chance to take your time over your shots and pace yourselves. There’s no need to rush on because no other players are waiting their turn.

Top tip – Choose to play golf in Marbella last thing during the week to get the course at its quietest.

Last light

Marbella is famous for its sunsets, particularly in the winter when the last tee time comes close to sundown. Play last thing and you can enjoy the spectacle of the setting sun as you finish your round.

Top tip – Make the most of the sunset from the Club House terrace at Rio Real where you get a front-seat view of the sun as it sets behind the mountains.

Great end to the day

Playing golf in Marbella is healthy and takes you out into the fresh air. It also gets you together with friends for a few hours of sporting activity. Play last thing in the day and this combination of companionship and sport works as the perfect antidote for a bad day at work. And it sets you up for the next day too!

Top tip – Discover why golf is so good for you.

Great deals

Another advantage of playing golf in Marbella last thing is that you can get some very sweet deals. Most golf courses on the Costa del Sol offer twilight deals when you can make considerable savings on usual green fees.

Top tip – Check out the Rio Real dynamic pricing system. Great golf deals when you play at any time of the day with discounts of up to 45% on regular prices!

Perfect for evening drinks

And last but not least, playing your round of golf last thing in the day gives you the perfect excuse for an evening drink or two afterwards. Choose your golf course in Marbella wisely and you’ll be able to enjoy those drinks in the Club House, the perfect place to finish a perfect day!

Top tip – Playing golf in Marbella first thing also comes with lots of advantages. Check them out here.