In many countries in the northern hemisphere, winter means less golfing time. Rain, fog, frost and even snow can put a stop to play and golf course conditions aren’t as good. But, there’s no reason to stop playing completely – read on to discover some dos and don’ts for playing golf in the winter.


Do book a golfing break on the Costa del Sol

Make it your top priority. It’s low season so there’s plenty of choice and some great green fee deals. Temperatures average around 18 degrees in the day and the sunshine is almost guaranteed.


Don’t stick to white golf balls

White is traditional, of course, but what about some high-vis yellow golf balls? They offer the same performance and have the added advantage of being easy to spot in the winter leaves or in the frost. Better still, buy a set with a touch of green in them too. Green has been shown to calm so green and yellow golf balls should be perfect to see and keep your nerves in check!


Do track the ball

When you’re playing golf in the winter, even on the Costa del Sol, the sun’s often low in the sky. Take this advice from John Dunn, a long-serving caddie: “Track the ball from the moment it takes off until just before it reaches the heart of the sun. Now, instead of continuing to follow it, and losing it, turn your attention to the spot where you think it will land; you’ll soon see it come into view.”


Don’t forget the gloves

OK, you don’t need thermal gloves if you’re playing golf in the winter on the Costa del Sol, but you do need something to keep your hands warm and dry for the shots. Check out the selection in the Rio Real Golf & Hotel Pro Shop


Do check your clubs

In cooler weather golf balls don’t travel quite so far. Experts reckon distance drops by about a metre for every degree below 25. Check your clubs  and maybe use a 5 iron instead of a 7 to help your shots get as far as they can.


Don’t leave out the practice

Winter is a perfect time for getting in some practice on the driving range. Or get some expert help from a golfing pro and up your swing and putting skills. Sign up for a course (or two).


Do learn from the pros

If weather conditions stop you from playing golf in winter, use the time to get some pro tips. Read up on the best and watch videos of tournaments and best strikes to learn from the very best. Come spring your golf will have go up a notch.


Don’t miss a winter warmer

A winter warmer is welcome whether you’re playing golf in the cooler months, even on the Costa del Sol. After a hard 18 holes, treat yourself to a warming something. At Río Real Golf & Hotel, you can enjoy yours on the terrace in the sunshine or in front of the roaring fire in the hotel lounge. Who said playing golf in the winter wasn’t fun?

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