As well as giving you the chance to enjoy some glorious sunshine on prime courses, playing golf on the Costa del Sol also turns out to be very good for you. Read on to discover how you and your body can benefit from a round or two of golf.

Live longer from playing golf on the Costa del Sol

A Swedish study involving around 300,000 golfers made a surprising discovery regarding life expectancy. The study came to the conclusion that one of the big benefits of playing golf turns out to be you live longer. Five whole years to be exact.

Keep fit when playing golf on the Costa del Sol

Playing 18 holes of golf obviously involves a lot of exercise, particularly if you walk the course. A round at Rio Real Golf, for example, takes in over 6,000m. Studies on golfing health indicate that golfers walk an average of 12,000 steps on a round. This is not only good for your general level of fitness but burns up around 1,200 calories.

Taking a buggy instead of walking reduces both the number of steps and calories by half. However, you’ll still getting important exercise.

Heath advantages from a round of golf

Several studies point to important health benefits if you play golf. For example, researchers have discovered that golf has a significant role in reducing the risk of heart disease and preventing diabetes. Playing golf also strengthens muscles and joints.

Social pluses from playing golf

Golf is fundamentally a social sport. This is especially true when it comes to playing golf on the Costa del Sol, a hugely popular destination for golfing couples and groups. A round of golf increases your social interactions and connections. And in addition, playing golf improves your mood – it’s difficult not to feel good when you’re in the sunshine and beautiful surroundings, and playing a sport you love.

Natural benefits from playing golf in Marbella

Along with the health and longevity advantages, golf also has some natural advantages. These come into their own if you’re playing golf in Marbella where you’ll find:

•        The perfect climate for golf – over 320 guaranteed days of sunshine and warm temperatures a year.

•        Stunning scenery – the best golf courses in Marbella showcase the resort’s stunning mountain and Mediterranean surroundings.

•        Supreme design – Marbella boasts some of the best golf design on the Costa del Sol with signature courses by golfing legends such as Javier Arana, Robert Trent Jones and Cabell B. Robinson.

Get all these benefits for yourself

Make the most of all the advantages of playing golf on the Costa del Sol and book your round of golf in Marbella now