Pro Shop Golf on the Costa del Sol

Among the many extras golfers get at Rio Real is the benefit of having a Pro Shop onsite. This large and well-stocked space comes with everything players need from last-minute accessories for their game to equipment upgrades and the latest fashion trends in golf. In our latest in our Behind the Scenes scenes we go into the Rio Real Pro Shop to meet Estéfano Pastore Benisty, the friendly face behind the counter.

Before Rio Real Pro Shop

Like all the staff on the Rio Real team, Estéfano brings a wealth of training and experience to the job. He started off with a qualification in physiotherapy that he complemented with training in management, motivation and team leadership. Once he started working, his career has always moved within the dual worlds of sales and sports.

Before he arrived at the Rio Real Pro Shop, Estéfano spent five years managed the fitness and physiotherapy units at a sports centre in Marbella. His next move was to Barcelona Airport where he was area manager for a sales group within the airport.

From Barcelona, he returned to Marbella and has been at Rio Real since 2013. His responsibilities at the golf course include running the Pro Shop as well as managing sales and the expansion of the golf team for Holiday Golf, the largest distributor in the golfing sector.

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What’s in the Rio Real Pro Shop?

As anyone who has visited the shop knows, the list of items inside runs long. “Golfers can find everything they need to play golf in the shop,” says Estéfano. “We stock the best and the most established brands on the market such as Bridgestone, Ecco, Ahead, Daily Sports, Golfino, Peter Millar, Glenmuir, Callaway, Cutter & Buck and Ofelia T.”

He also points out that Rio Real Pro Shop always stocks the latest golf innovations and collections thanks to the agreement with Holiday Golf. This means that golfers know that they will find up-to-date equipment and accessories at any time of year.

Did you know? The Rio Real Pro Shop stocks golf equipment and fashions for both women and men. 

Why buy at Rio Real Pro Shop?

You can buy golfing equipment and clothing at many shops but purchasing it at the Rio Real Pro Shop comes with several advantages. Firstly, Estéfano underlines the fact that the staff in the Pro Shop are highly qualified and have long experience in the golfing sector. “They know the product and use this knowledge to advise the client and help them find exactly what they’re looking for,” he says.

Another benefit of buying at Rio Real is that getting another size or style is never a problem. “We can have it here the next day for the client,” says Estéfano who also explains that the Pro Shop sells Rio Real merchandising. “We sell lots of products with the Rio Real logo such as polo tops, jumpers, jackets, markers and tee punches, which many clients want to buy as a souvenir and to show they’ve played at our golf course.”

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The Rio Real difference

People ultimately buy from people and golfers are no exception. “We always strive to offer excellence in what we do,” says Estéfano, “and the Rio Real Pro Shop clients receive exclusive and personalised attention.” Like the staff team as a whole, he gets enormous satisfaction from knowing that clients are happy. “It’s a huge boost to see how players return year after year and always say goodbye with a “see you soon”!”

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