No two games of golf on the Costa del Sol are the same. Among the over 50 golf courses you’ll find dozens of different challenges and lots of varying terrain. This means that to prepare for your visit you’ll definitely need a mixture of clubs. In this blog post, we have a look at what you should put in your bag for the best rounds of golf on the Costa del Sol.

Number of clubs

The maximum permitted number is 14 and our advice is to bring that many with you. Having a choice of 14 clubs in your bag will allow you to take the best shot on any of the golf courses on the Costa del Sol.

New clubs

Some golfers advocate changing clubs every one or two years, but most pros change theirs less often. Before you arrive on the Costa del Sol for your golfing holiday, take a good look at your clubs and review their state. Check for wear and tear, and replace those that are obviously past it.

Pro Shops at most golf courses stock a wide range of clubs, perfect if yours need replacing while you’re playing. At the best shops, a professional will offer advice on the club best suited to you and your playing style. 

Best clubs for golf on the Costa del Sol


Some of the golf courses on the Costa del Sol come with long fairways – Rio Real Golf is no exception – so you’ll obviously need to pack a few woods. Make sure your driver is in tip-top condition as this’ll be your most important club on the longest holes. Utility woods will also come in handy for getting you out of trouble. For example, when you’re trying to avoid the river at Rio Real at the 1st and the 3rd. 


Height forms an essential part of golf on the Costa del Sol especially when you’re playing over a natural obstacle or an elevated tee. The 11th hole at Rio Real sits on an elevation so you’ll need to choose your iron carefully for this one. Pop a range of loft angle irons in your bag plus your favourite wedges including an ultra lob for the really high shots. And don’t forget a sand wedge for the courses where soft sand bunkers abound.


Definitely one of the most important clubs in your bag and possibly the one you’ll use most while you’re playing golf on the Costa del Sol. Make sure it’s in perfect condition and if you need a new one, take your time to find the right fit for you. Putters come in all shapes and sizes, and golfing experts advise going for comfort above all else.


Seeing as you can only take 14 clubs in your bag, hybrid clubs offer a good way of combining length and ease of use in one. Consider swapping your long irons (1 to 5) and/or your fairway woods for a hybrid club or two.

Get a game in

Once you’ve packed your bag ready for golf on the Costa del Sol, book your round. Do so as far in advance as possible to make the most of early-bird discounts and to beat the crowds. Read about how to get the best green deals on the Costa del Sol. 

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