For those of you planning your Marbella golf holiday for this year, getting the best deals will be one of your most important considerations. To ensure you have the opportunity to get the most for your money, we’ve put together six tips. Follow these and you’ll not only enjoy one of the best golfing breaks ever, but you’ll also save money on your Costa del Sol golf holiday this year.

Book early

Our top tip for saving money on a Costa del Sol golf holiday in 2020 means getting ahead of everyone else. Plan your break well in advance and you’ll be able to bag the best deals for flights, transfers, hotel accommodation and of course, green fees. Booking before everyone else will not only get you the lowest prices, but mean you save enough money to consider taking another golf holiday in Marbella this year!

Did you know? The Rio Real dynamic pricing system for green fees rewards golfers who book early. Take a look at our calendar and discover how thinking ahead gets you the very best golf deals on the Costa del Sol.

Play golf at different times

Our next tip involves thinking out of the box a little. Instead of going for the most popular green fee tee times, why not play earlier or later in the day? Most golf courses on the Costa del Sol offer discounted green fees for Early Bird or Twilight tee times.

And instead of booking your golf break in Marbella for high season (spring and autumn), consider other months of the year. The Costa del Sol boasts pleasant temperatures and sunshine all year round so it’s worth taking a look at months like February, August and November.

Choose less popular tee times and months of the year to save money on your Costa del Sol golfing holiday this year.

The more the merrier

Or the bigger the saving on green fees. If you’re planning a golf break for a group, take a look at special deals. Some golf courses offer discounts for large groups – at Rio Real, for example, you get one green fee free when you book a round for eight golfers. Look out for the 1 free in 8 deal on the website.

Did you know? You can also save money on your Costa del sol golf holiday by playing more often. Take a look at the Rio Real Amigo Card deal and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

Travel mid-week

Weekends are the favourite time for golf and holidays, which is why accommodation and flight prices tend to soar on Saturdays and Sundays. Plan your Marbella golf break for mid-week, however, and you’ll be able to get some of the best deals. Take your holiday from Monday to Thursday, for example. And as an extra bonus, you’ll find the golf courses quieter too!

Go for a golf and hotel package

Packages combining green fees and accommodation are almost always cheaper than buying each separately. They also tend to include extras such as room upgrades or an additional night’s stay for the same price. And if you choose to stay on the golf course itself during your holiday, you save time and money since your round of golf is on your doorstep!

Did you know? Rio Real Boutique Hotel has a number of great accommodation deals for golfers. Check out our latest accommodation and green fees packages and save money on your costa del sol golf holiday this year.

Go for a buggy deal

Buggies take centre stage for our final tip for saving money on your golf holiday in 2020. When you’re booking your green fees, look out for special deals involving a buggy. Many Costa del Sol golf courses include a free buggy in certain green fees meaning you save money, time and effort in your game of golf.

Did you know? Rio Real consistently offers some of the best green fees in Marbella giving you plenty of potential to save money on your Costa del Sol golf holiday. For example, we’ve started this year with a 20% discount on green fees to celebrate 2020 – book yours now.