Marbella offers a wide range of golf courses, all with different design, varying characteristics and in diverse locations. But how do you choose the best one when you want to play golf in Marbella? We’ve put together six must-have criteria that make up a good golf course and offer the best playing conditions. Read on to discover if your favourite course in Marbella ticks all the boxes.


When you decide to play golf in Marbella you’ll be looking at location of the course. We recommend choosing a golf course that is near the resort itself with easy connections to Malaga Airport. You also might want a course near the beach – after all, why come to Marbella and not make the most of the lovely coastline.

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This is one of the key aspects of good golf course design. Find out who designed the course in Marbella and when it was built. Choose one with a well-known name behind the design – several golf courses in Marbella have very famous signatures to them – and take a look at the layout. Does it contour perfectly into its landscape?

Read about the design at Rio Real Golf, one of the oldest golf courses in Marbella and designed by legendary Javier Arana.


When you play golf in Marbella you want your game to be varied. You’re looking for different lengths of greens, varied obstacles, a range of challenges along the way… And preferably, a course that means you use a mixture of techniques and all the clubs in your golf bag. Choose a course that gives you that variety and offers a different round of golf every time you play.

Take note of the new rules in golf, introduced this year. You’ll need to know them wherever you play golf in Marbella!


Next up on our list of must-haves when you play golf in Marbella is the state of the course itself. It should be immaculate from start to finish. Look for a course with manicured greens and perfect conditions from the 1st to the 18th.

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Golf forms part of a life style so you’ll want the full package when you play in Marbella. Choose a course with a Club House for after-game celebrations (or commiserations), a Pro-Shop for all those essential golf equipment purchases and an Academy so that you can improve your game before you step out on the course.

Better still, go for a golf course in Marbella with a hotel so you can stay and play


And lastly, you’ll be looking for good deals when you play golf in Marbella. Choose a course that offers the best green fees on the Costa del Sol and allows you to be in control of how much you pay all year round. That way, you can play as much and as often as you like.

Rio Real Golf offers golfers a dynamic pricing system 365 days of the year. Find out how you can play golf in Marbella for less when it suits you here.