As several countries including Spain start to relax their stay at home rules, some semblance of life as we knew it returns. This includes golf and in some parts of Spain, courses are now permitted to open again. Golfers everywhere has welcomed the reopening and rightly so because golf has so many advantages in these challenging covid-19 times. In fact, we believe Rio Real golf course is the best place to be anywhere right now. Here’s why.

Social distancing is easy

Keeping your distance from other players on an 18-hole golf course is simple. In fact, it’s always advisable especially when your fellow golfers are taking a shot! But at times like these when staying at least 1.5 metres away from other people is mandatory, having plenty of space to do so makes keeping the rules easy.

The golf course at Rio Real covers over 6,000 metres so there’s more than enough room to spread out and stay safely away from others. And of course, there will only be a maximum of four players per group so social distancing is straightforward.

Did you know? Rio Real’s rigorous new health and safety measures include a maximum of one person or one family group per buggy. Our staff disinfect buggies before and after each use to guarantee hygiene. Read all the details here.

Fresh air comes guaranteed

After weeks of lockdown, our air flows fresher than ever and where better to breathe in this pure oxygen than on the golf course? The 18 holes at Rio Real also come with a touch of sea breeze directly from the Mediterranean making the air during your game just about as healthy as it could be.

Did you know? Rio Real golf course is open daily between 10am and 2pm. We’re limiting our hours to start with to comply with health and safety rules to ensure you and our staff are as protected as possible.

Nature and sunshine are givens

Another reason why Rio Real golf course is the best place to be right now comes in its location. Just 5 minutes from Marbella, Rio Real enjoys the guaranteed Costa del Sol sunshine – the perfect pick-you-up after weeks at home. And it offers the area’s best natural surroundings.

The Sierra Blanca mountains form your northern backdrop, mature trees and water features line the course and the Mediterranean lies to the south. One of the 18 holes is even on the seafront giving you maximum benefit of sun, sea and sand.

Did you know? Fresh air, sunshine and being outdoors are just what the doctor ordered and exactly what you need right now. Take some time out from all the covid-19 stress with a round of your favourite sport. Book your game now.

Health and hygiene come first

Our last reason why Rio Real golf course is the best place to be is safety first. We always take your health and safety very seriously and now is no exception. We have implemented a strict code of measures to ensure your absolute peace of mind.

We have taken everything into account from the moment you arrive at our golf course to when you leave. Nothing has been left to chance and we plan to be highly vigilant at all times because your safety is our priority.

You will of course find some changes, but none of them will detract from you enjoying a great round of golf. And we’re confident you’ll understand the reason behind them all.

Did you know? Read up on our new health and safety protocol before you arrive at Rio Real.

The future

At Rio Real we’ve designed our own easing out of confinement in gradual stages. At the moment, you’ll find just the golf course open. We expect to open our other facilities as soon as it’s safe to do and always in line with official guidelines from both the Spanish government and the Spanish Golf Federation.

But for now, it’s all about golf and enjoying your favourite sport again. We look forward to welcoming you back to Rio Real very soon!