Although 2020 has been very different, some things never change. As usual, July and Rio Real welcome the best summer camp in Marbella, the one your children have been waiting for. Read on to discover why signing up your kids for the Rio Real Summer Camp will be one of the best things you’ll do in 2020.

Welcome change to routine

Your children are probably tired of homeschooling and longing for a change in routine. Something to look forward to out of the house. Treat them to a golfing summer camp as a welcome break from all that time indoors, doing their classes online at home.

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Outdoors in the fresh air

Being outside as much as possible is the ‘new normal’ and you’ll want your children to make the most of lots of fresh air and nature. Rio Real golf course is one of the best places to do it – the resort enjoys a privileged location, surrounded by countryside and mountains with a prevailing sea breeze always. This summer camp in Marbella could not be healthier post-lockdown!

Discover why golf is just what the doctor ordered right now. 

Learn a lifelong skill

They say that there are some things that once you learn them, they stay with you forever. And golf is one of them. Sign your children up for the Rio Real Summer Camp and you’ll gift them a skill that they can take throughout their lives. After all, golf is a sport for all ages and you can pick it back up at any time.

Get tuition from the best

Teaching your children in the unique art of golf is our Head Pro, Sergio de Céspedes. He brings his skills in both golf and teaching to the Summer Camp so that your children will learn to play and love the sport.  

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Share your passion

Another reason for signing up for this summer camp in Marbella is to initiate your children in your favourite sport. The sooner they learn, the sooner they can accompany you on the course. And the best family memories are created when you’re all doing something you enjoy.

You can all play more golf for less at Rio Real with our dynamic prices. Check out the best green fees in Marbella and book yours now. 

School for life

And our final reason why the Rio Real Summer Camp in Marbella is the best choice for your children is because of golf itself. As we all know, this sport teaches you so much about life. And among those lessons is behaviour – as Jack Nicklaus said, “a kid grows up a lot faster on the golf course. Golf teaches you how to behave”.

The summer camp in Marbella

·       Rio Real Summer Camp takes place between 30 June and 31 July.

·       For children aged 6 to 12 in groups of 4 players minimum.

·       All golfing equipment and a putting tournament included.

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